How to do proper keyword research for your local business

Keyword research is the foundation of your websites on page SEO. Get it wrong and all your online marketing efforts will be wasted. Get it right and you’ll witness better search engine rankings, more traffic and increased business.  Proper keyword research can give you a huge jumpstart and make you leap ahead of your competitors, [...]

Top Negative SEO Factors that will ruin your rankings

There are certain SEO factors that are not looked upon favorably by the major search engines and that can ruin your search engine rankings. Keyword Factors: 1. Keyword Stuffing- this is the worst practice to do as it results in an artificial keyword density of over 10% and may result in getting your site banned [...]

Top Positive SEO factors that will boost your rankings

There are certain factors that Google, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines place great importance on that when properly applied can positively boost your rankings. 1. Keyword Factors * Include your keywords in the title tag as this important text is what shows in the search engine results as your page title. Let the [...]